What Can Affect A Personal Injury Verdict?

A personal injury can be defined as a physical harm or an emotional anguish a person suffers without a fault of their own. This means that an injury can be a result of negligence at work, a faulty product, and much more, when you are filing a lawsuit against a company or person who caused the injury, you should consider hiring a reputable personal injury attorney.

An individual tg23ef6y3e7u28i922who files a personal injury claim is known as the plaintiff. What you can win in this form of the lawsuit is dependent on several factors. For instance, it can depend on the type or extent of the injury, laws of that given jurisdiction, and treatment methods. If you have pre-existing conditions, this can be a huge factor that affects the verdict.

Personal injury verdict determinants

The main factor, which determines the verdict of this type of lawsuit is law in that particular jurisdiction. Every jurisdiction has various laws regarding:

  • The manner the fault is determined
  • The level of harm
  • Type of injury it is

However, some jurisdictions have unique laws as far as determination of the type of evidence, which is admissible in the law court.

Type of harm

This is a major factor as far as reaching the verdict of a personal injury claim is concerned. Have you suffered emotional, mental, or physical injuries? Cases that involve physical injuries are quite easy to determine since medical reports are available for documenting the extent of the injury.

Treatment received

How matg23er6fy3erd7fu82ny times have you been treated for the same injury? Moreover, the treatment you have received ought to be reasonable. For instance, if you received treatment, which does not match the injury you suffered, the judge is less likely to believe in what you are saying. This may result in getting a lesser amount or no amount at all for your claim.


There may be pre-existing conditions, which can affect the verdict. For a personal injury attorney to win a case, the plaintiff must demonstrate that a company or a person caused the harm they are suing for. If you have a medical condition, which is similar to the injury you are claiming, it may have an effect on the verdict. For instance, if you have a pre-existing back injury and you are claiming for your back being hurt at work.