Baby Ultrasound At 8 Weeks

Parents get excited when they do an ultrasound. Sound waves make a picture in an ultrasound. The attendant spreads conductive gel on top of the belly of the pregnant woman, for the photo creation. The gel makes sound waves to go through the uterus, and then bounce back, to create an image. The mother nor the baby gets hurt when scanned. In fact, it offers an exciting glimpse of the womb. Click here for more information on the baby ultrasound at 8 weeks. You may think what happens during the eight-week ultrasound?

Reasons for having an ultrasound

jhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhIt is always an excellent time for parents during the 8th-week scan. To ensure that everything is alright, the first ultrasound commonly done in this period. There are ultrasounds performed because of other reasons like:-

  • To determine the cause of bleeding in a mother.
  • The health of fallopian tubes and the ovaries can be determined.
  • An ectopic pregnancy is ruled out or other problems.
  • A confirmation of multiple pregnancies can be done.
  • The gestational age is seen in a “dating scan.”

How to conduct the scan

The wand can be across the belly as explained above, though it might be hard to see. If so, a vaginal probe is used to have the ultrasound. The name for it is the transvaginal ultrasound. Inside the vagina, a small wand is placed, then pressed on the cervix, so as to get a picture in that direction.
Like in the other method, it does not hurt nor is it dangerous, but you might feel a little pressure. Many women barely notice the pressure especially that they can see on screen, their baby.

What you see

The first ultrasound shows a significant amount of information. It includes the placenta size, the functioning of the umbilical cord, the heart rate and the embryo size. You can see whether you have many babies too. A substantial and real progress shows in the ultrasound.


ggfgfgfgfgfgffgfOther scans can be scheduled to ensure the growth of a healthy baby after the first ultrasound of the 8th week. Most women like the transvaginal scan as they do not require to have a full bladder, for the scan to work. Doctors recommend a full bladder for the belly scan, so as to “lift” the uterus slightly. As the pregnancy progresses, you will not be asked to have a full bladder. An 8th-week embryo shows all that a human adult has, in the ultrasound.