About the 365 Tao Podcast

In 1992 Deng Ming-Dao created a book that was very different than those that came before it. 365 Tao was a guide into the tenants of Taoist philosophy through guided meditation. It's intent was not to be read in one sitting. Instead the reader was encouraged to read one page a day for a year and use the readings as a basis for their daily meditation. This type of format does not lend well to an audio book so one was never produced.

Since Podcasting allows us to time shift content for as long as we wish, it is the perfect medium for audio delivery of this type of content in this type of format. Once a day we will release a new episode of the 365 Tao podcast. While the content has a distinct Taoist flavor to it, the podcast can be used for any guided meditation one may be undertaking. Our hope is to spread the benefits of meditation to the world in a way that is easily assessable to many people.

How To Use This Podcast

Each day a new podcast will be posted to the site in sync with the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. People living in that region can either come to the site before their daily meditation and listen to the podcast or can receive the audio file in their podcatching software by subscribing to the Northern Feed. On July 16th, 2007 we started offering a feed for the Southern Hemisphere. People in the Southern Hemisphere should subscribe to the Southern Feed as the audio files are synced with the seasons so you will receive different content. Even though the date is not listed in the feed, it is synced with the proper day you should recieve the file.

We have tried to stay true to the nature of the original book but some modification have been made to fit the medium. This should not detract from the intended experience at all. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please send them to

If you enjoy this podcast, we ask that you support the orginial inspiration for it by purchasing the 365 Tao book from Amazon. The podcast recieves no money or affilate fees when you buy this through Amazon and highly encourages supporting the original writer.

About the Speakers

We have tried to diversify the speakers to give different views on a similar topics. These will vary from time to time and include well known podcasters and ordinary people. Past speakers have included C.C. Chapman from Crayon, John Wall from The M Show, Deja from the Equinox Theater Company and many other voice talents from across the world. If you would like to participate there are still several scripts available to be recorded. Please contact us at for more information.


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In the past we have accepted automated donations for the hosting of this website and the delivery of the audio files. Since we do not actively market this podcast, donations from the previous year accounted for only half of our operating expenses, and this podcast does not intend to make any profit I have removed the automated donation button. If you wish to support this podcast through a one time donation for our hosting costs, please e-mail me at to work out the details.